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Reception Class

Our Reception teachers are Mrs Sztymiak and Mrs Wilson. Reception class has an outdoor play area to make learning even more enjoyable. The year in Reception class has many highlights, including learning to read with our year 6 reading partners and going on a visit to a farm.

Year 1

Year 1’s teacher is Miss Ayres. They learn about many things in the classroom and in their outdoor learning area. They have exciting topics including a space topic, and everyone enjoys year 1’s space day.


Year 2

Year 2’s teachers is Miss Luque. As our oldest infants they learn many exciting topics and have a chance to act all the major roles in the school nativity play in December. 

Year 3

Mrs West teaches year 3 – an exciting year as the children are now in Key Stage 2. Everyone in class will learn to play the recorder this year. Their many interesting topics include learning about the Stone Age and a visit to Stonehenge.


Year 4

Ms Wooding teaches year 4. Year 4 enjoy learning the ukulele!

Year 5

Miss Rudgley teaches year 5. The children have the chance to look after a younger reading partner this year. They learn about the Ancient Egyptians and about rivers and water in the world. Year 5 also have an exciting opportunity for a residential weekend retreat at Kilve Court in the spring.


Year 6

Year 6’s teachers Mrs Hastings and Mr Gailor. As the oldest pupils in the school year 6 take on lots of new responsibilities. They learn about Ancient Civilizations and make hats in DT. In the summer they go on a week-long residential trip to Newquay in Cornwall. They also demonstrate their acting, singing and dancing skills as they perform a musical at the end of the summer term.


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