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St Mary's School Governors

The role of the school governors is to set strategic direction, to hold school leaders to account for improving performance – by acting as a critical friend – and to make sure money is well spent. As a voluntary aided, Roman Catholic school, our governing body is made up of:

  • 7 Foundation Governors: appointed by the school’s founding body – the Diocese of Clifton
  • 2 Parent Governors: elected parents of children at the school
  • 1 Staff Governor: member of the school staff
  • 1 LA Governor: appointed by the LA
  • The Head Teacher
  • 2 Associate Governors: members of the school community (appointed by the rest of the governing body) to contribute specifically on issues related to their particular area of expertise.

The full governing body meets approximately 4 times a year where the on-going business of committees, the governing body and the school are discussed, reported on and where decisions are taken by a majority vote. Most of the work of the governors is done at committee level. Our governor committees are:

  • Finance and Infrastructure
  • Mission and Ethos (part of the Full Governing Body meeting)
  • Standards and Quality
  • Personnel


Governor Information

Full Name Date of Appointment Term of Office (Stepped Down) Appointed By Business/ Material Interest (if any) Governor roles in other institutions
Dave Worden 31.8.2017 4 (31.8.2021) Clifton Diocese Nil  
Laura Stotesbury 34.8.2017 4 - Clifton Diocese Nil  

Mgnr Jeremy Rigden

1.10.2020 4 - Clifton Diocese Nil  
Sarah Sharma (Chair) 14.12.2017 4 - Parent Body Nil  
Bethan Petre 07.7.2017 4 - Parent Body Nil  
Helen Bletso 20.12.2019 4 - Clifton Diocese Nil  
Charlotte Boyall 15.11.2019 4 (11.4.2021) Clifton Diocese Nil  
Chrissie Luque


4 (30.11.20) Staff Body Nil  
Natalie Ballantyne (Vice-Chair) 22.1.2018 4 - Clifton Diocese Nil  
Laura Knight 20.6.2018 4 (1.11.2019) Local Authority Nil  
Pam Skeet   4 (14.11.2019) Clifton Diocese Nil  
Andy Tarrant (Head) 13.4.2015 - - - Nil  


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