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Religious Education

Subject Leader: Mrs Nicole Pecchia

Link Governor: Mr Mark Bishop


At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, we are committed to our Catholic faith and believe that everyone is a child of God. We recognise each individual as special and unique in the image and likeness of God.

Prayer and Religious Education are central to the life of our school and the Gospel values underpin all that we do. As a Christian community we try to live like Jesus by: being kind and helping each other; using our gifts to the very best of our ability and celebrating God in everyone and everything.

Our aim is for the children in our care to become religiously literate young people who know that they are called to be disciples of Christ and stewards of creation. That they are happy, well-rounded individuals who have developed a deep-rooted relationship with God, and understanding of their Catholic faith, that can be shared with others through how they live their lives and care for our common home.

We aim for every child to achieve their very best so that they can fulfil their God-given talents.


It is the policy of Bishop Declan of the Diocese of Clifton that the whole curriculum is designed to enable pupils to grow in every way to Christian maturity.

At St Mary’s, we are beginning to integrate the new RE Directory. The new Religious Education Directory (RED) will be fully in place by September 2025. We are starting the new curriculum this September and will be following the diocesan implementation plan below:

  September 2023 - EYFS and Year 3

  September 2024 - Years 1, 4 and 6 

  September 2025 - Years 2 and 5 

Pupils not following the new RED are still following the ‘God Matters’ RE programme. We ensure that a minimum of 10% of curriculum time is allocated for RE teaching across all key stages.

Through our RE curriculum we promote each child’s innate capacity for wonder, awe, reverence and spirituality. Our children are taught about God’s love; their Christian responsibilities through Catholic Social Teaching; the traditions of our Catholic faith and the importance of being respectful of the traditions and beliefs of followers of other faiths.

Our RE curriculum is enhanced by visitors from other faiths, from our faith and from the charities that we support both locally and nationally.

Our children are provided with experiences of church through our parish links with Father Jeremy, school celebrations such as whole school Masses, class Masses and reconciliation services and our sacramental programmes. We come together as a school community three times a week to celebrate the liturgy of the word through both word and song.

Through our RE curriculum children learn about their own unique place within their home, school and parish community.

The spiritual life of each child is fostered through daily prayer and reflection, enabling children to develop an awareness of God’s presence in their lives and the lives of others. 

Useful Documents

The following files will give you an overview of the RE curriculum at St Mary's and our expectations of pupils in this subject area:


The requirements of the RSHE curriculum are met through the delivery of the programme ‘Live Life to the Full’ and is taught alongside the PSHE curriculum.


The impact of our RE curriculum is monitored through pupil interviews, book scrutiny, learning walks and teacher assessment.

As a result of our curriculum and monitoring, children at St Mary’s:

  • Produce good quality work which they are proud of.
  • Are well prepared for the next stage of their education as confident and enthusiastic learners who can be both critical thinkers and reflective learners.
  • Achieve consistently well in all areas of Religious Education and make good progress.
  • Are happy, well-rounded individuals who have developed a deep-rooted relationship with God and a secure understanding of their Catholic faith as appropriate to their age.
  • Understand that they are part of the family of God and know how they can play their part in our Global family, united by Christ, through the way in which they live their lives and treat others.
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