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How is Reading Taught at St Mary's?


In KS1 and Foundation Stage, Phonics is taught 3 times per week in Sound Station groups where children are at a similar phase. Children are taught to hear the phonemes (sounds) and record the graphemes (written sounds), learning the way similar sounds are written as well as ‘tricky’ words which do not follow spelling patterns.

For more information about Phonics please follow the link: http://www.getreadingright.co.uk/phoneme-pronunciation/

How Can I Help My Child with Phonics?

  1. Check that your child is saying words correctly; many phonic mistakes are due to children mispronouncing words, particularly those starting with ‘th’ and ‘f’ e.g. thought becomes fort.
  2. Encourage your child to ‘sound out’ or segment the words in their books, focusing on pronouncing the sounds correctly. http://www.getreadingright.co.uk/phoneme-pronunciation/
  3. Talk about what they have learnt in Sound Stations and try to find examples of word patterns that they are working on.
  4. Play with words and have fun!
  • What happens if you put different sounds at the start or end of words?
  • Make up silly sentences using one phoneme.
  • Create an alphabet of animals or a different category.
  • Play ‘I Spy’ using phonemes.
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